Ground your ideas

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Design Your Processes

The purpose of process modeling is to understand and visualize functionality and interactions from end to end.
We perform an assessment based on an overview of the activities to be automated, contemplating all the tools needed to design the business processes, the forms to be executed in each activity, and all the configurations that support it.
This will allow you to fully understand the activities involved in your management, identify those which are necessary, and adjust them with the aim of achieving the highest optimization and the best performance of your workflow.

BPMN Designer

It allows modeling processes following the standard for graphical representation established by the OMG (Object Management Group), called BPMN.
This tool allows representing, in a standardized and understandable manner, the sequence of activities that make up the processes and the flows between them, defining responsibilities among users and their associated tasks.

Pectra Forms

This tool allows developing web and mobile applications necessary for the input, output, and processing of information in the business process, without the need to have programming knowledge. It also allows for simplified modification, if necessary.

User Manager

It allows managing the users, organizations, operational units, and profiles that will be involved in the business process, which will enable you to audit the actions performed by your collaborators, in addition to offering a series of utilities directly applicable to your organizational structure.

Connector Manager

It manages the connectors related to the processes, establishing the communication required between PECTRA BPM Suite and the applications that may be integrated.
Its adaptability to specific needs allows selecting connectors to perform the exchange of data with their functionalities for each activity.