It’s time to make decisions

The importance of visualizing your results, and getting a good feed back.

Monitor Your Processes

Defining metrics and indicators will allow analyzing the correct operation of the process designed or the early detection of failures, which may lead to corrections and the right support for decision making.

BAM Manager

The BAM Manager (Business Activity Monitoring Manager) allows configuring your company’s key performance indicators (KPIs) in a visual manner and divided into assessment ranges (Alert Status, Normal Status and Critical Status), which will provide support for decision making based on the results obtained.
In turn, it allows configuring the sending of customized notifications or defining different actions based on the value output by the indicators.

Server Monitor

It monitors the activities of PECTRA BPM Suite’s instance engine, such as pending and programmed scripts, and the execution of useful command queues applied to databases.

Job Designer

It expands the functionalities offered by DIGITAL GATE through the application of utility complements, such as file download, access to external webs or display of customized indicators, which provides a quicker access to information, and improves the company’s management.